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Fruit Juice

(Dessert Dishes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Rub ripe fruit through a seive, with a wooden spoon, and

then strain it free from skins and seeds; to every pound add quarter of

a pound of loaf sugar; mix well; put into wide-mouthed glass bottles,

and set them in a pan with cold water reaching to the necks of the

bottles. Set the pan over the fire and let the water come to a boil;

remove the pan and let the bottles stand in the water until they are

quite cold. Then cork them tightly, and seal them with wax or resin.

Keep them in a cool, dry place. This juice added to ice-water, and

sweetened to taste, makes a delicious sherbet.

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Raspberry, blackberry and strawberry juice may be made by following the
recipe for grape juice but doubling the quantity of sugar. For currant
juice use four times as much sugar as for grape juice.

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Canned Fruit Juices


Fruit juice may be kept for a long time by canning the same as whole

fruit. They are convenient for water ices and summer beverages. Mash

the fruit and rub the pulp through a fine sieve. Mix about three pounds

of sugar with one quart of fruit juice and pulp. Fill Mason's jars with

the syrup, cover and place in a heater with cold water to cover nearly

to the top of the jar. Let the water boil half an hour, then fill each

jar to the brim, seal and cool in the water.

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