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Fruit Soufflé

(Fruits) - (Made-over Dishes)

Small quantities of fruit that are not sufficiently sightly to put again
on the table may be put aside and made into fruit pot-pie. All sorts of
fruits may be blended. Put them into a saucepan, and to each pint of this
fruit allow one quart of water and a palatable seasoning of sugar, and you
may flavor it with a little grated lemon or orange rind; bring to boiling
point. During this time put one pint of flour into a bowl, add a half
teaspoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of baking powder. Beat one egg until
light, add to it a half cup of milk, then add this to the flour; there
should be just enough to moisten and make a dough. Take this out on the
board, knead lightly, roll out and cut into biscuits. Put these biscuits
over the top of the fruit; cover the kettle and cook slowly for fifteen
minutes; do not lift the lid during the cooking. Serve hot with plain
milk or cream, or with a hard sauce made from sugar and butter.

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