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Fruit Tarts

(Cheap Puddings, Pies, And Cakes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Stew ten cents worth of fruit and four ounces of sugar

together; make some pastry according to the directions in the receipt

for BAKED APPLE DUMPLINGS; line deep pie-plates with the paste, building

up a rim of paste around each; fill them with the stewed fruit, and bake

them about three quarters of an hour in a moderate oven; two good sized

tarts can be made for twenty-five cents; and the fruit can be varied to

suit the season of the year, and the taste of the eaters.

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For persons who dislike pastry, the following is an excellent way of
preparing fruit. Boil in milk some whole rice till perfectly soft,
sweeten with white sugar, and when nearly cold, line a dish with it,
have ready some currants, raspberries, cherries, or any other fruit,
which must have been previously stewed and sweetened, fill the dish
with it; beat up the whites of three eggs to a froth, mixed with a
little white sugar, and lay over the top, and place it in the oven for
half an hour.

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Line a dish with thin slices of bread, then lay the fruit with brown
sugar in alternate layers, with slices of bread; when the dish is
filled, pour over half a tea-cup full of water, and let the top be
formed of thin pieces of bread thickly strewed over with brown sugar,
bake until thoroughly done.

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