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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Clean the milt by taking off the thin outer skin and every particle of
fat that adheres to it. Lay it on a clean board, make an incision with
a knife through the centre of the milt, taking care not to cut through
the lower skin, and scrape with the edge of a spoon, taking out all the
flesh you can without tearing the milt and put it into a bowl until
wanted. In the meantime dry the bread, which you have previously soaked
in water, in a spider in which you have heated some suet or goose oil,
and cut up part of an onion in it very fine. When the bread is
thoroughly dried, add it to the flesh scraped from the milt. Also two
eggs, one-half teaspoon of salt, pepper, nutmeg and a very little thyme
(leave out the latter if you object to the flavor), and add a speck of
ground ginger instead. Now work all thoroughly with your hands and fill
in the milt. The way to do this is to fill it lengthwise all through the
centre and sew it up; when done prick it with a fork in several places
to prevent its bursting while boiling. You can parboil it after it is
filled in the soup you are to have for dinner, then take it up carefully
and brown slightly in a spider of heated fat; or form the mixture into a
huge ball and bake it in the oven with flakes of fat put here and there,
basting often. Bake until a hard crust is formed over it.
Heat some goose fat in a stew-pan with a close-fitting lid. Cut up an
onion in it and when the onion is of a light yellow color, place in the
liver which you have previously sprinkled with fine salt and dredged
with flour. Add a bay leaf, five cloves and two peppercorns. Cover up
tight and stew the liver, turning it occasionally and when required
adding a little hot water.

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