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(Pineapple Sponge) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. ALICE J. WHALEN, of Utah Territory, Lady Manager.
One-half box gelatine, one-half cup cold water, one pint cream, one
pint milk, four eggs (yolks), one-half cup sugar, one-half teaspoonful
salt, one teaspoonful vanilla, one tablespoonful wine. Soak the
gelatine in cold water till soft. Chill and whip the cream till you
have three pints. Keep the whipped cream on ice, and boil the
remainder of the cream, adding enough milk to make a pint in all. Beat
the yolks of the eggs, and add the sugar and salt. Pour the boiling
milk on the eggs, and when well mixed put back in the double boiler
and cook about two minutes, or just enough to scald the egg. Stir
constantly, add the soaked gelatine, and strain at once into a pan set
in ice water. When cool, add the vanilla and wine. Stir until it
begins to harden, then stir in quickly the whipped cream, and when
nearly stiff enough to drop, pour into moulds wet in cold water.
_Chocolate Bavarian Cream_--Melt two sticks of sweetened
chocolate, and stir them into the custard before straining.

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