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(Passover Dishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Into one-half pint of water put one-quarter pound of melted fat; when
boiling add one-quarter pound of meal, finely sifted; it will form a
thick paste. Beat up four eggs, remove the mixture from the fire and
stir in the eggs. Grease some cups and put a spoonful in each; bake in a
quick oven. When done sprinkle with cinnamon and cover with clarified

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German Puffs

Take four spoonfuls of fine flour, four eggs, a pint of cream, four

ounces of melted butter, and a very little salt; stir and beat them

well together, and add some grated nutmeg. Bake them in small cups: a

quarter of an hour will be quite sufficient: and the oven should be so

quick as to brown both top and bottom. If well baked, they will be more

than as large again. For sauce--melted butter, sack, and sugar. The

above quantity will make fourteen puffs.

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