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(Pastry Cakes) - (Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry Cakes, And Sweetmeats)

Take the ripest blackberries. Mash them, put them in a linen bag
and squeeze out the juice. To every quart of juice allow a pound
of beaten loaf-sugar. Put the sugar into a large preserving
kettle, and pour the juice on it. When it is all melted, set it on
the fire, and boil it to a thin jelly. When cold, to every quart
of juice allow a quart of brandy. Stir them well together, and
bottle it for use. It will be ready at once.

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Ginger Beer


One quarter pound white ginger, two ounces cream tartar, two pounds

white sugar, juice of two lemons, three gallons of hot water; boil one

hour, cork while hot.

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Ginger Beer

Boil gently, in a gallon of water, three table-spoonsful of cream of

tartar, three of ginger, and a lemon cut in slices. When it has boiled

half an hour, take it from the fire, strain and sweeten it to your

taste--white sugar is the best, but brown sugar or molasses answers very

well. Put to it, when lukewarm, half a pint of fresh yeast. Turn it off

carefully, when fermented, bottle it, and keep it in a cool place. It

will be fit to drink in the course of seven or eight days.

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Ginger Beer No 1

Boil six gallons of water and six pounds of loaf sugar for an hour, with

three ounces of ginger, bruised, and the juice and rind of two lemons.

When almost cold, put in a toast spread with yest; let it ferment three

days; then put it in a cask, with half a pint of brandy. When it has

stood ten days, bottle it off, and it will be fit to drink in a

fortnight, if warm weather.

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Ginger Beer No 2

Four ounces of ground ginger, two ounces of cream of tartar, three large

lemons, cut in slices and bruised, three pounds of loaf sugar. Pour over

them four gallons of boiling water; let it stand till it is milk warm;

then add two table-spoonfuls of yest on a toast; let it stand

twenty-four hours, strain it through a sieve, bottle it, and it will be

fit for use in three days: the corks must be tied or wired, or they will


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Ginger Beer No 3

To make ginger beer fit for drinking twenty-four hours after it is

bottled, take two ounces of ground ginger, two ounces of cream of

tartar, two lemons sliced, one pound and a half of lump sugar; put them

into a pan, and pour upon them two gallons of boiling water. When nearly

cold, strain it from the lees, add three table-spoonfuls of yest, and

let it stand twelve hours. Bottle it in stone bottles, well corked and

tied down.

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Ginger Beer No 4

Ten gallons of water, twelve pounds of loaf sugar, the whites of four

eggs, well beaten; mix them together when cold, and set them on the

fire: skim it as it boils. Add half a pound of bruised ginger, and boil

the whole together for twenty minutes. Into a pint of the boiling liquor

put an ounce of isinglass; when cold, add it to the rest, and put the

whole, with two spoonfuls of yest, into a cask: next day, bung it down

loosely. In ten days bottle it, and in a week it will be fit for use.

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Ginger Beer No 5

One gallon of cold water, one pound of lump sugar, two ounces of bruised

ginger, the rind of two large lemons; let these simmer ten minutes. Put

in an ounce of cream of tartar the moment it boils, and immediately

take it off the fire, stirring it well, and let it stand till cold.

Afterwards add the lemon-juice, straining out the pips and pulp, and put

it into bottles, tying down the corks fast with string. This will be fit

for use in three days.

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