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Ginger Wine No 1

(Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs, &c.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

With four gallons of water boil twelve pounds of loaf-sugar till it

becomes clear. In a separate pan boil nine ounces of ginger, a little

bruised, in two quarts of water; pour the whole into an earthen vessel,

in which you must have two pounds of raisins shred fine, the juice and

rind of ten lemons. When of about the warmth of new milk, put in four

spoonfuls of fresh yest; let it ferment two days; then put it into a

cask, with all the ginger, lemon-peel, and raisins, and half an ounce of

isinglass dissolved in a little of the wine; in two or three days bung

it up close. In three months it will be fit to bottle. Put into each

bottle a little brandy, and some sugar also, if not sweet enough.

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