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Golden Pippins To Stew

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut the finest pippins, and pare them as thin as you can. As you do

them, throw them into cold water to preserve their colour. Make a

middling thick syrup, of about half a pound of sugar to a pint of

water, and when it boils up skim it, and throw in the pippins with a bit

of lemon-peel. Keep up a brisk fire; throw the syrup over the apples as

they boil, to make them look clear. When they are done, add lemon-juice

to your taste; and when you can run a straw through them they are done

enough. Put them, without the syrup, into a bowl; cover them close, and

boil the syrup till you think it sufficiently thick: then take it off,

and throw it hot upon the pippins, keeping them always under it.

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