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(Pickles And Catsup) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MISS MARY ELLIOTT MCCANDLESS, of Pennsylvania, Lady Manager.
Slice twenty-five large cucumbers in pieces between one and two inches
thick; lay in salt water two days; wash out the salt. Boil in alum
water half an hour, alum size of a walnut (English); take out and boil
in ginger water an hour; one ounce of ginger and water to cover. Make
a syrup of five pounds of light brown sugar, three quarts of vinegar,
one pint of water, two ounces of whole cloves, two ounces of stick
cinnamon, half an ounce of whole allspice, half an ounce of mace (put
spices in bags). Let all boil until a rich syrup, then put in the
cucumbers and boil between one and two hours.

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Six quarts berries, nine pounds sugar, one pint vinegar, one
tablespoonful each of cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. One-half the
vinegar put on berries at first. When nearly done, strain, and add
rest of the vinegar, and spices. Boil three or four hours.

Other Recipes

Gooseberry Catsup

Boil ten pounds of large English gooseberries, seven pounds of coffee

sugar, and three pints of vinegar together for an hour and a half. Then

add two tablespoonfuls of cinnamon, one of allspice and one of cloves

and boil half an hour longer. Put in jars and seal.

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