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(Bread) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Dissolve one cake of compressed yeast and four tablespoons of light
brown sugar or molasses in one cup of lukewarm water and one cup of milk
which has been scalded and cooled to lukewarm. Add two tablespoons of
melted butter, then four cups of Graham flour and one cup of white flour
(sifted), adding flour gradually, and one teaspoon of salt. Knead
thoroughly, being sure to keep dough soft. Cover and set aside in a warm
place to rise for about two hours. When double in bulk, turn out on
kneading board, mold into loaves, and place in well-greased pans, cover
and set to rise again--about one hour or until light. Bake one hour, in
a slower oven than for white bread. If wanted for overnight use one-half
cake of yeast and an extra half teaspoon of salt.

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At 6.30 A.M. place in a quart measure 1/2 cup of sweet cream and
3-1/2 cups of milk, after being scalded (1 quart all together). When
lukewarm, add 1 Fleischman yeast cake, dissolved in a little of the
luke warm milk, 3 tablespoonfuls sugar and 1 tablespoonful salt. Add 3
cups each of white bread flour and 3 cups of graham flour (in all 6
cups or 1-1/2 quarts of flour). Mix well together and stand in a warm
place, closely covered, a couple of hours, until well-risen. Then stir
sponge down and add about 2-1/2 cups each of graham and of white
flour. (Sponge for graham bread should not be quite as stiff as a
sponge prepared from white flour.) Set to rise again for an hour, or
longer; when light, stir down sponge and turn on to a well-floured
board. Knead well, divide into four portions, mold into four small,
shapely loaves, brush with soft butter, place in well-greased pans,
set to rise, and in about one hour they should be ready to put in a
moderately-hot oven. Bake about fifty minutes. Graham bread should be
particularly well-baked. Brush loaves, when baked, with butter, which
makes a crisp crust with a nutty flavor.
Should cream not be available, one quart of scalded milk, containing
one tablespoonful of butter, may be used with good results. If cream
be used with the milk, no shortening is required in the bread. Bread
is considered more wholesome when no shortening is used in its

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2 cups sour milk
2 cups sweet milk or water.
1 teaspoon soda (Salaratus)
Graham flour.
1/2 cup molasses.
1 tablespoonful melted butter.
Pinch of salt.
Stiffen about as thick as ordinary molasses cake. Bake at once.

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Should you care to have a couple of loaves of graham bread instead of
all-wheat, take a generous cup of the above sponge before it is
stiffened beyond a thick batter, and add one tablespoonful of brown
sugar or molasses, stiffen with graham flour (not quite as stiff as
when making wheat bread), rub butter or lard on top of dough, cover
and set in a warm place to rise. When light, mold into one small loaf
(never make graham bread into large loaves), place in oblong pan,
cover, let stand until light, about 1-1/2 hours, when it should have
doubled in size; put in oven and bake thoroughly. When the loaf is
taken from the oven, brush butter over the top. This keeps the crust
If a wholesome loaf of "Corn Bread" is wished, use fine, yellow,
granulated cornmeal to stiffen the sponge instead of graham flour; do
not make dough too stiff.

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Two cups graham flour, one cup buttermilk, one-half cup sugar, one
egg, one teaspoonful soda, one tablespoonful butter, a pinch salt.

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One cup sponge, one cup warm water, one-fourth cup molasses, two
tablespoons melted butter. Thicken with equal quantities of graham,
and flour just enough to form a loaf; then raise.

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1 egg
1-3/4 cups milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup corn meal
1/3 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
1 tablespoon shortening
Beat egg and add one cup milk; stir in sugar, corn meal, flour, salt
and baking powder which have been sifted together; turn into frying
pan in which shortening has been melted; pour on remainder of milk,
but do not stir. Bake about 25 minutes in hot oven. There should be a
line of creamy custard through the bread. Cut into triangles and

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Graham Bread

Two cups sour milk, two teaspoonfuls soda dissolved in little warm

water, one-fourth cup sugar, one-half cup molasses, one egg, salt, three

and one-half cups Graham flour. Bake one hour.

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Graham Bread

With one pint warm milk, one cake of yeast and white flour, make a

sponge. One teaspoonful salt not heaped, one-half cup molasses. Let

rise, then stir in sifted brown flour till partly stiff, put in baking

pan, let rise, then bake.

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Graham Bread

Half a pint of milk, half a pint of water, a pint and a half of white

flour, an even teaspoonful of salt, half a yeast cake dissolved in tepid

water. Scald the milk and add the half pint of boiling water, set away

to cool. Put the flour into the bread pan, add milk and water when

lukewarm and the dissolved yeast; beat well. In the morning add half a

cup of Porto Rico molasses and Graham flour enough to knead well, let it

rise for three hours, knead again, make into loaves and set in a warm

place to rise. When light bake in a moderate oven nearly an hour.

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Graham Bread

Two cups graham flour, one and a half cups sour milk, one tablespoon

N. O. molasses, one scant tablespoon soda, one tablespoon salt.--Miss

F. L. Raymond.

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