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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Remove the stems and skins from five pounds of grapes and boil the pulp
until tender; then press it through a sieve. Boil the skins of three
juicy oranges until tender, then chop fine. Put the grape skins and the
pulp into a saucepan; add the orange juice, the boiled skins, five
pounds of sugar, one pound of raisins--the muscat seeded--and one pound
of shelled walnuts and boil until quite thick.

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Wash and drain ten pounds of ripe grapes, separate the skins from the
pulp, stew pulp until soft, mash through a sieve, reject seeds.
Place pulp and skins in a preserving kettle, add a half pound of
seeded raisins and juice and pulp of 4 oranges. Measure and add to
every quart of this 3/4 of a quart of sugar. Cook slowly, until the
consistency of jam. A cup of coarsely-chopped walnut meats may be
added, if liked, a few minutes before removing jam from the range.
Fill pint jars and seal.

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