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(Fresh Fruits And Compote) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut in half, with a sharp knife, remove seeds, and sprinkle with sugar,
or loosen pulp; cut out pithy white centre; wipe knife after each
cutting, so that the bitter taste may be avoided. Pour in white wine or
sherry and sprinkle with powdered sugar, and let stand several hours in
ice-chest to ripen. Serve cold in the shell. Decorate with maraschino

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Cut the pulp from one grape fruit into small pieces, add an equal
amount of chopped apples, a few English walnuts chopped coarsely.
Serve on lettuce leaves with fruit salad dressing. This recipe was
given Mary by a friend who knew her liking for olive oil.
Grape fruit is delicious, served cut in halves with the addition to
each half; of a couple tablespoonfuls of pineapple juice, a
tablespoonful of orange juice or tiny pieces of orange pulp, topped
with a marachino cherry. A small quantity of sugar should have been
added. The sections of grape fruit should each have been cut loose
from the white skin inclosing pulp with a small knife or scissors.

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For this marmalade take 1 large grape fruit, 2 large oranges and 1
lemon. After thoroughly washing the outside of fruit, slice all as
thinly as possible, rejecting the seeds. Measure and add three times
as much water as you have fruit. Let all stand over night. The next
morning boil 15 minutes, stand over night again, in a large bowl or
agate preserving kettle. The next morning add 1 pound (scant measure)
of sugar to each pint of the mixture and boil until it jells. This is
delicious if you do not object to the slightly bitter taste of the
grape fruit. Put in tumblers, cover closely with paraffin. This
quantity should fill 22 tumblers, if a large grape fruit is used.

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Two cups of grape juice, 4 cups of water, 1-1/2 cups of sugar, juice
of 3 lemons and 3 oranges, sliced oranges, bananas and pineapples.
Serve the punch in sherbet glasses, garnished with Marachino cherries.

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17 Grape Fruit Salad

Cut a grape-fruit in half, and scoop out the pulp in as large pieces as

possible, and lay them on lettuce leaves. Make a dressing with two

tablespoonfuls of sherry wine, and sugar to taste.

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Grape Fruit


This fruit was named for Captain Shaddock, who first brought it from the

East Indies. It is delicious, and supposed to have medicinal value. It

is refreshing served for breakfast, but may be used as first course for

any meal. It should be prepared several hours before needed. Cut in

half, remove center pulp with scissors or sharp, small knife; cut each

section away from pulp, put two tablespoonfuls powdered sugar and a

Maraschino cherry in center of each half. Place in cool place till ready

to serve.

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Grape Fruit Pie

First bake a shell as for lemon pie, then make a filling as follows: Mix

one tablespoon of cornstarch in a little cold water, and over this pour

one cupful of boiling water. To this add the juice of two grapefruits,

the grated rind and juice of one orange, the beaten yolks of two eggs,

and the white of one, and a small piece of butter. Put all in the double

boiler and cook until thick, stirring all the time. When done, put in

the shell. Now beat up the white of the second egg with one-half a

cupful of sugar until thick, and spread with a knife over the pie. Put

in the oven and let brown lightly. Serve cold. This makes a delicious


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Grape Fruit Sandwiches

Spread any crisp cracker with a thin layer of grape fruit marmalade, put

on top another cracker and serve at once.

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