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Grape Wine

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Take fresh blue grapes, stems must be green, mash well, put in

preserving pan, and warm, not boiling heat, strain, first through cheese

cloth, then through flannel, return to pan, sugar to taste, bring to

boiling heat, bottle while hot, cork well and seal. Have kept it over a

year without any fermentation. Original.

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Grape Wine

Bruise the grapes, which should be perfectly ripe. To each gallon of

grapes put a gallon of water, and let the whole remain a week, without

being stirred. At the end of that time, draw off the liquor carefully,

and put to each gallon three pounds of lump sugar. Let it ferment in a

temperate situation--when fermented, stop it up tight. In the course of

six months it will be fit to bottle.

Other Recipes

Grape Wine

Pick and squeeze the grapes; strain them, and to each gallon of juice

put two gallons of water. Put the pulp into the measured water; squeeze

it, and add three pounds and a half of loaf-sugar, or good West India,

to a gallon. Let it stand about six weeks; then add a quart of brandy

and two eggs not broken to every ten gallons. Bung it down close.

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