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Green Pea Soup No 1

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a knuckle of veal of about four pounds, chop it in pieces, and set

it on the fire in about six quarts of water, with a small piece of lean

ham, three or four blades of mace, the same of cloves, about two dozen

peppercorns, white and black, a small bundle of sweet herbs and parsley,

and a crust of French roll toasted crisp. Cover close, and let it boil

very gently over a slow fire till reduced to one half; then strain it

off, and add a full pint of young green peas, a fine lettuce, cut small,

four heads of celery, washed and cut small, about a quarter of a pound

of fresh butter made hot, with a very little flour dredged into it, and

some more lettuce cut small and thrown in. Just fry it a little; put it

into the soup; cover it close, and let it stew gently over a slow fire

two hours. Have a pint of old peas boiled in a pint of water till they

are very tender, then pulp them through a sieve; add it to the soup, and

let it all boil together, putting in a very little salt. There should be

two quarts. Toast or fry some crust of French roll in dice.

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