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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Shell the peas and cover them with water; bring to a boil; then push
aside until the water will just bubble gently. Keep the lid partly off.
When the peas are tender add salt and butter; cook ten minutes longer
and serve. If the peas are not the sweet variety, add one teaspoon of

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Stuff and half roast a duck, then put it into a stew-pan with an onion
sliced, a little mint and about one pint of beef gravy, add after it
has simmered half an hour, a quart of green peas, and simmer another
half hour; a little lump sugar is requisite.

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Shell one-half peck of green peas and wash them well; if canned peas are
used pour off liquid and rinse with cold water. Heat one-fourth cup of
butter or other fat in a spider, add one cup of rice and let simmer,
stirring constantly until rice is a golden brown; add one quart of
boiling water, then the drained peas and one-half teaspoon of salt, and
one-half cup of granulated sugar. Place in pudding dish, set in the oven
and bake until rice is tender. (Serve hot.)

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Make a six-egg omelet. Have ready one pint of cooked peas, or a can of
peas, seasoned with salt, pepper and butter. Just before folding the
omelet put a tablespoonful of peas in the center, fold, and turn out
on a heated platter. Pour the remaining quantity of peas around the
omelet, and send at once to the table. If you like, you may pour over,
also, a half pint of cream sauce.

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Shell the peas and wash them well; just cover them with cold water,
season it with a little salt, sugar, and mint. Bring quickly to the
boil and cook for about twenty minutes. When soft, but not broken,
strain off the water and put them into a vegetable dish.

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Stewed Green Peas With Lettuce

Shell a half peck of peas, and shred two heads of lettuce; boil together

with as little water as possible to keep it from burning, and stir often

for the same purpose. Stew one hour, set back on the stove, and add one

tablespoonful of butter, one teaspoonful of sugar, salt, and a dash of

cayenne pepper and just as it is taken up, one well beaten egg, which

must not be allowed to boil. Serve at once.

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Cream Of Green Peas

Put a quart of green peas into a saucepan with a slice of white onion,

cover with boiling water and cook until tender. Remove from the fire and

press through a puree sieve with the water in which they were boiled.

Return to the saucepan, set it back on the stove, let it come to a boil,

add a pint of rich milk, salt and white pepper to taste, a dash of

cayenne, and a large, generous tablespoonful of butter rubbed into an

even tablespoonful of flour, adding a little of the liquid before

stirring into the soup. Let it come to a boil, and add two

tablespoonfuls of whipped cream just as it is poured into the tureen.

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Soup Of Green Peas No 1

Take from a pint of green peas two heaping tablespoonfuls and set aside.

Put the rest in a saucepan with half a white onion, in boiling water.

Cover tightly, letting them cook until quite tender, then mash through a

puree sieve with the water in which they were boiled and using a little

more to take out all that is good of the peas through the sieve. Put

back on the stove, rub a good heaping tablespoonful of butter with a

small tablespoonful of flour and add to the puree of peas. Have a

heaping tablespoonful of turnips and two of carrots cut into dice and

cooked in as little water as possible, and the two tablespoonfuls of

peas cooked until tender, add to the soup with half a teaspoonful of

sugar and pepper and salt to taste. Let all this cook together while

enough milk to make the soup the proper consistency is coming to a boil.

Mix together, add a teaspoonful of finely minced parsley, pour into the

tureen and serve.

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Soup Of Green Peas No 2

Put one quart of green peas over the fire in three quarts of boiling

water with three French carrots, a small turnip cut into dice and a

small white onion chopped. Cover tightly and let the vegetables cook

until tender. Rub two ounces of butter with a small tablespoonful of

flour, add a little of the soup to this to thin it and then stir all

together, add an even tablespoonful of finely minced parsley, an even

teaspoonful of sugar, and salt and pepper to taste; let it come to a

boil and then serve.

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Stewed Green Peas

1 pint shelled peas.

1 lettuce.

1 gill of water.

1 onion sliced.

A sprig of mint.

1/2 ounce of butter.

Salt to taste.

Wash the lettuce and cut it up rather fine, place it with the other

ingredients in a stewpan, and simmer without the lid about half an hour,

or until the peas are quite tender.

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Green Peas And Carrots On Toast

10 or 12 button carrots.

1/2 pint fresh green peas.

A little more than a gill of white stock.

1 ounce butter.

1 ounce flour.

6 rounds of toasted bread.

Scrape and slice the carrots very thin and stew them in the butter until

quite tender, stir in the flour, then add the peas (cooked); pour in the

stock, and stir over the fire for ten or fifteen minutes. Butter the

toast, then spread the mixture on very thickly and serve hot. Salt and

pepper should be added to taste, and a sprig of mint may be used for

flavouring if liked.

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