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Green Sauce

(Sauces) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Mix in a bowl a tablespoonful each of finely chopped parsley and
onion, with one tablespoonful of Tarragon vinegar and one of cider
vinegar. Season with salt, pepper and cayenne.

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Green Sauce

(Salsa verde)

Chop all together some capers that have been in vinegar, one anchovy, a

small slice of onion and just a taste of garlic. Crush the resulting

hash with the blade of a knife to make it very fine. Add a sprig of

parsley, chopped together with some leaves of basil and dissolve the

whole in very good olive oil and lemon juice.

This sauce is excellent to season boiled chicken or cold boiled fish or

hard boiled eggs.

Green Peppers can take the place of capers, if these are not at hand.

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Green Sauce For Green Geese Or Ducklings

Half a pint of the juice of sorrel, with a little grated nutmeg, some

bread crumb, and a little white wine; boil it a quarter of an hour, and

sweeten with sugar, adding scalded gooseberries and a piece of butter.

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