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(Gumbo FilÉ) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. E. J. P. HOWES, of Michigan, Lady Manager.
Take one-half dozen fresh tomatoes or a pint of canned, and stew a
half hour in a pint of water; strain through a colander; put the
liquid on the fire; stir in a teaspoonful of soda; then add a pint of
heated milk; season with a little butter (a dessertspoonful); salt and
pepper to taste, and bring the whole to a boiling heat and serve hot.
From MRS. ANNA M. FOSDICK, of Alabama, Lady Manager.
Cut up a chicken; sprinkle with flour, and fry in the vessel in which
the gumbo is to be made. When the chicken is nearly done, chop an
onion and fry with it. Pour on this three quarts of boiling water, and
let all boil slowly till the flesh leaves the bones of the chicken.
Then add the liquor from the oysters, two tablespoonfuls of tomato
catchup, and salt and pepper to taste. Let this boil a short time;
then add one hundred oysters. Do not allow them to boil more than two
minutes. Remove the vessel from the fire, and before pouring into the
tureen, sprinkle in two tablespoonfuls of filé. Serve always with
_To Prepare Filé for Gumbo_.--Gather sassafras leaves, as late as
possible in the season, before they turn red. Dry them in the shade
and open air. When perfectly dry, pound thorn, sift the powder and
bottle it Keep tightly corked.

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Take one quart of ripe tomatoes, stew with one quart of okra, cut into
small rings. Put this on to boil with about two quarts or water and a
piece of soup meat (no bone), chop up an onion, a carrot and a sprig of
parsley, add this to the soup. Fricassee one chicken with some rice,
dish up with the soup, putting a piece of chicken and one tablespoon of
rice into each soup plate before adding the soup. Let the soup simmer
four or five hours; season with salt and pepper. A little corn and Lima
beans may be added; they should be cooked with the soup for several
hours. Cut the soup meat into small cubes and leave in the soup to

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Okra Gumbo Soup

Use two quarts of tomatoes to one quart of okra cut in rings; put them

over the fire with about three quarts of water and let the mixture come

to a boil; take one chicken; cut it up and fry brown with plenty of

gravy; put it in with the okra and tomatoes; add several small onions

chopped fine, a little corn and lima beans, if they are at hand, and

salt and pepper. Let all simmer gently for several hours. To be served

with a tablespoonful of rice and a green garden pepper cut fine to each

soup plate.

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Gumbo Soup

Cut up two chickens, two slices of ham, and two onions into

dice; flour them, and fry the whole to a light brown; then fill the

frying pan with boiling water; stir it a few minutes, and turn the whole

into a saucepan containing three quarts of boiling water. Let it boil

for forty minutes, removing the scum.

In the meantime soak three pints of ochra in cold water for twenty

minutes; cut them into thin slices, and add to the other ingredients;

let it boil for one hour and a half. Add a quart of canned tomatoes and

a cupful of boiled rice half an hour before serving.

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