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Half A Calf's Head Boiled

(The Whole Art Of Carving.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Be careful and get a young one, as they look much handsomer served up,

and besides are more tender. First cut in the direction c, b. The

throat bread is considered the choicest part; it lies in the fleshy

portion, near the termination of the jaw-bone, and the line c, d,

shows the direction to cut into it. On the under part of the lower jaw

there is some very nice meat; and about the ear, g, some fat rather

gristly, but highly esteemed. The part near the neck is very inferior.

Sometimes the bone in the line f, e, is cut off, but this is a

coarse part. The sweet tooth is quite a delicacy--it lies back of all

the rest, and, in a young calf, is easily extracted with the knife. Many

like the eye, which you must cut out with the point of your knife, and

divide in two. Under the head is the palate, which is reckoned a nicety.

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