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Ham Sandwiches

(Sandwiches) - (Sandwiches)

Chop cold boiled ham very fine. To each cupful of this ham, after it

has been chopped, stir in two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, dash of

red pepper and about one-half teaspoonful of onion juice. Have bread

sufficiently stale to cut nicely. Remove end crust, butter and cut a

very thin slice; remove the crusts, and spread with the ham paste. Serve

same as tongue sandwiches.

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English Ham Sandwiches.

Make a biscuit dough; roll out very thin and put on a well-buttered
cake-pan. Have ready some apples. Cut in quarters; lay closely on the
cake; sprinkle thick with brown sugar; add some cinnamon and a handful
of currants. Pour some fresh melted butter over the cake; set in the
oven to bake until done. Serve with coffee.

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5 Hot Ham Sandwiches

Spread bread cut for sandwiches with chopped ham, season with a little

made mustard and press together in pairs. Beat an egg, add 1/2 a cup of

rich milk, and in the mixture soak the sandwiches a few moments. Heat a

tablespoonful of butter, and in this brown the sandwiches, first on one

side and then on the other. Drain on soft paper and serve at

once Janet M. Hill, in "Boston Cooking School Magazine."

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Ham Sandwiches

To be particularly nice, mince the ham, cream with the butter, season

with mustard, spread on one slice of bread, cover with a crisp lettuce

leaf, add the top slice of bread, then cut in triangles.

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