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Ham To Cure No 11

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Mix one pound and a half of salt, one pound and a half of coarse sugar,

and one ounce of saltpetre, in one quart of water; set it on the fire,

and keep stirring the liquor till it boils. Skim it. When boiled about

five minutes take it off, and pour it boiling hot on the leg of pork,

which, if not quite covered, must be turned every day. Let it remain in

the pickle one month; then hang it in the chimney for six weeks. These

proportions will cure a ham of sixteen pounds. When the ham is taken out

of the pickle, the liquor may be boiled up again and poured boiling hot

upon pigs' faces. After that boil again, and pour it cold upon a piece

of beef, which will be excellent. It will then serve cold for pigs' or

sheep's tongues, which must be well washed and rubbed in a little of the

liquor and left in the remainder.

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