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Ham To Cure No 2

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

For two hams, take half a pound of bay salt, two ounces of saltpetre,

two ounces of sal prunella, half a pound of brown sugar, half a pound of

juniper berries, half a pound of common salt; beat them all, and boil

them in two quarts of strong beer for half an hour very gently. Leave

out one ounce of saltpetre to rub the hams over-night. Put them into the

pickle, and let them lie a month or five weeks, basting them every day.

Pickle in the winter, and dry in wood smoke; let them hang up the

chimney a fortnight.

Other Recipes

Westphalia Ham To Cure No 2

Let the hams be very well pricked with a skewer on the wrong side,

hanging them in an airy place as long as they will keep sweet, and with

a gallon of saltpetre make a pickle, and keep stirring it till it will

bear an egg; boil and skim it and put three pounds of brown sugar to it.

Let the hams lie about a month in this pickle, which must be cold when

they are put in; turn them every day; dry them with saw-dust and

charcoal. The above is the quantity that will do for six hams.

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