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Ham To Cure No 3

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Hang up a ham two days; beat it well on the fleshy side with a

rollingpin; rub in an ounce of saltpetre, finely powdered, and let it

lie a day. Then mix together an ounce of sal prunella with two large

handfuls of common salt, one handful of bay salt, and a pound of coarse

sugar, and make them hot in a stewpan. While hot, rub it well in with

two handfuls more of common salt; then let it lie till it melts to

brine. Turn the meat twice every day for three weeks, and dry it like


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Westphalia Ham To Cure No 3

Rub every ham with four ounces of saltpetre. Next day put bay salt,

common salt, and coarse sugar, half a pound of each, into a quart of

stale strong beer, adding a small quantity of each of these ingredients

for every ham to be made at that time. Boil this pickle, and pour it

boiling hot over every ham. Let them lie a fortnight in it, rubbing them

well and turning them twice a day. Then smoke the ham for three days and

three nights over a fire of saw-dust and horse-litter, fresh made from

the stable every night; after which smoke them for a fortnight over a

wood fire like other bacon.

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