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Ham To Cure No 5

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

For one large ham take one pound of coarse sugar, one pound common salt,

a quarter of a pound of saltpetre, and two ounces of bay salt, boiled in

a quart of strong ale, or porter. When cold put it to your ham; and let

it lie in the pickle three weeks, turning the ham every day.

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Westphalia Ham To Cure No 5

One pound of common salt, one pound of bay salt, four ounces of

saltpetre, two ounces of black pepper; pound them separately, then mix

them, and rub the ham very well until the whole is used. Rub one pound

of treacle on them; lay them in the pickle one month, turning them every

day. The quantity here specified will do for two hams. Before you hang

them up, steep them in a pail of water for twelve hours.

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