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Ham To Cure No 6

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put two ounces of sal prunella, a pound of bay salt, four pounds of

white salt, a pound of brown sugar, half a pound of saltpetre, to one

gallon of water; boil it a quarter of an hour, keeping, it well skimmed,

and, when cold, pour it from the sediment into the vessel in which you

steep, and let the hams remain in the pickle about a month; the tongues

a fortnight. In the same manner Dutch beef may be made by letting it

lie in the pickle for a month, and eight or ten days for collared beef;

dry them in a stove or chimney. Tongues may be cured in the same manner.

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Westphalia Ham To Cure No 6

Make a good brine of salt and water, sufficiently strong to bear an egg;

boil and skim it clean, and when quite cold rub the meat with sal

prunella and saltpetre mixed together. Put it in a vessel, and pour your

brine into it; and, when the ham has been in the brine about fourteen

days, take it out, drain it, and boil the brine, putting in a little

salt, and letting it boil till clear. Skim it, and when cold put in your

ham, rubbing it over with saltpetre, &c. as you did at first. Then let

your ham again lie in the brine for three weeks longer; afterwards rub

it well with bran, and have it dried by a wood fire.

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