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Hard Black-berry Syrup

(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)

(Sciroppo di amarena)

Use hard but ripe black berries. They must be of the sour kind but, as

said, they must not be unripe. Remove the stems and put the berries into

a vase with a good piece of whole cinnamon. The fermentation will happen

after 48 hours and as soon as the berries begin to rise, stir them from

time to time. Then press them to extract the juice, with a pressing

machine if you have one, or with your hands, squeezing them a few at a

time in cheese cloth.--When the liquid has rested for a while, filter it

until it becomes quite clear. When it has been depurated, put it on the

fire in the following proportion and with the piece of cinnamon that was

already immersed in the cherries: Twelve pounds of liquid to sixteen

pounds of sugar and two ounces of citric acid, or three parts of liquid

to four of sugar and the citric acid as in the above proportion.

Before putting in the sugar and the citric acid wait until the liquid is

quite hot, just before boiling. Then stir continually. The boiling must

be brief, four or five minutes are sufficient to incorporate the sugar

in the liquid.

When removing the syrup from the fire, put it in an earthen vase and

bottle when quite cold. Cork the bottles well and keep in a cool place.

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