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Hare Soup

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Skin the hare, and wash the inside well. Separate the limbs, legs,

shoulders, and back; put them into a stewpan, with two glasses of port

wine, an onion stuck with four cloves, a bundle of parsley, a little

thyme, some sweet basil and marjoram, a pinch of salt, and cayenne

pepper. Set the whole over a slow fire, and let it simmer for an hour;

then add a quart of beef gravy and a quart of veal gravy; let the whole

simmer gently till the hare is done. Strain the meat; then pass the

soup through a sieve, and put a penny roll to soak in the broth. Take

all the flesh of the hare from the bones, and pound it in a mortar, till

fine enough to be rubbed through a sieve, taking care that none of the

bread remains in it. Thicken the broth with the meat of the hare; rub it

all together till perfectly fine, like melted butter, not thicker; heat

it, and serve it up very hot. Be careful not to let it boil, as that

will spoil it.

Another Hare Soup.

Half roast a good-sized hare; cut the back and legs in square pieces;

stew the remaining part with five pints of good broth, a bunch of sweet

herbs, three blades of mace, three large shalots, shred fine, two large

onions, one head of celery, one dozen white pepper, eight cloves, and a

slice of ham. Simmer the whole together three hours; then strain and rub

it through a hair sieve with a wooden spoon; return the gravy into a

stewpan; throw in the back and legs, and let it simmer three quarters of

an hour before you send it to table.

Other Recipes

Hare Soup

Half roast a hare, and, having cut away the meat in long slices from the

backbone, put it aside to make an entree. Fry four onions; take a

carrot, turnip, celery, a small quantity of thyme and parsley,

half-a-dozen peppercorns, a small blade of mace, some bacon-bones or a

slice of lean ham, with the body of the hare cut up into small pieces;

put all in two quarts of water with a little salt. When you have

skimmed the pot, cover close and allow it to boil gently for three

hours, then strain it; take off every particle of fat, and having

allowed the soup to boil up, add the contents of a tin of Nelson's

Extract of Meat, and thicken it with a dessertspoonful of potato-flour;

stir in two lumps of sugar, a glass of port wine, and season if


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