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Hare To Dress

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Stuff and lard the hare, trussing it as for roasting: put it into a

fish-kettle, with two quarts of strong beef gravy, one of red wine, a

bunch of sweet-herbs, some slices of lemon, pepper, salt, a few cloves,

and a nutmeg. Cover it up close, and let it simmer over a slow fire till

three parts done. Take it up, put it into a dish, and strew over it

crumbs of bread, a few sweet-herbs chopped fine, some grated lemon-peel,

and half a nutmeg. Set it before the fire, and baste it till it is of a

fine light brown; and, while it is doing, skim the gravy, thicken it

with the yolk of an egg and a piece of butter rolled in flour, and, when

done, put it in a dish, and the rest in a boat or terrine.

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