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Hare To Jug No 2

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut and joint the hare into pieces; scald the liver and bruise it with a

spoon; mix it with a little beaten mace, grated lemon-peel, pepper,

salt, thyme, and parsley shred fine, and a whole onion stuck with a

clove or two; lay the head and neck at the bottom of the jar; lay on it

some seasoning, a very thin slice of fat bacon, then some hare, and

bacon, seasoned well in. Stop close the jug or jar with a cork, to

prevent any water getting in or the steam evaporating; set it in a pot

of hot water, and let it boil three hours; then have ready some strong

beef gravy boiling, and pour it into the jug till the hare is just

covered; shake it, pour it into your dish, and take out the onion.

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