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Hare To Roast

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take half a pint of cream, grate bread into it; a little winter savory,

thyme, and parsley; shred these very fine; half a nutmeg grated, and

half of the hare's liver, shred; beat an egg, yolk and white together,

and mix it in with it, and half a spoonful of flour if you think it too

light. Put it into the hare and sew it up. Have a quart of cream to

baste it with. When the hare is roasted, take some of the best of the

cream out of the dripping-pan, and make it fine and smooth by beating it

with a spoon. Have ready melted a little thick butter, and mix it with

the cream, and a little of the pudding out of the hare's belly, as much

as will make it thick.

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