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Hartshorn Flummery No 2

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put one pound of hartshorn shavings to three quarts of spring water;

boil it very gently over a slow fire till it is reduced to one quart,

then strain it through a fine sieve into a basin; let it stand till

cold; then just melt it, and put to it half a pint of white wine, a pint

of good thick cream, and four spoonfuls of orange-flower water. Scald

the cream, and let it be cold before you mix it with the wine and jelly;

sweeten it with double-refined sugar to your taste, and then beat it all

one way for an hour and a half at least, for, if you are not careful in

thus beating, it will neither mix nor even look to please you. Dip the

moulds first in water, that they may turn out well. Keep the flummery in

cups a day before you use it; when you serve it, stick it with blanched

almonds, cut in thin slices. Calves' feet may serve instead of hartshorn


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