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(Receipts For Invalids.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Boil half a pound of hartshorn shavings in two quarts of water over a
gentle fire until it becomes thick enough to hang about a spoon, then
strain it into a clean saucepan and add half a pint of sherry wine,
and a quarter of a pound of white sugar, clear it by stirring in the
whites of a couple of eggs, whisked to a froth; boil it for about four
or five minutes, add the juice of three lemons, and stir all together,
when it is well curdled, strain it and pour into the mould, if the
color is required to be deeper than the wine will make it, a little
saffron may be boiled in it.

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Hartshorn Jelly

Boil four ounces of hartshorn shavings in a couple of quarts of water,

till it becomes a thick jelly--then strain and put to it the juice and

rind of a couple of lemons, a wine glass of white wine, and a stick of

cinnamon. Wash four fresh eggs, wipe them dry, separate the whites from

the yelks, beat the whites to a froth, bruise the shells, and mix them

with the hartshorn--set the whole on a moderate fire--sweeten it to the

taste when hot. Boil it till it becomes quite thick, then let it drain

through a jelly-bag till clear.

Other Recipes

Hartshorn Jelly

Boil one pound of hartshorn shavings over a very gentle fire, in two

quarts of water, till it is reduced to one quart; let it settle, and

strain it off. Put to this liquor the whites of eight or nine eggs, and

four or five of their shells, broken very fine, the whites well beaten,

the juice of seven or eight lemons, or part oranges; sweeten with the

best sugar, and add above a pint of Rhenish or Lisbon wine. Mix all

these well together, and boil over a quick fire, stirring all the time

with a whisk. As soon as it boils up, strain it through a flannel bag,

throwing it backward and forward till it is perfectly clear. Boil

lemon-peel in it to flavour it. The last time of passing it through the

bag, let it drip into the moulds or glasses.

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