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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Blanch two quarts of the best almonds in cold water; beat them very fine

in a mortar, with a little canary wine and orange-flower water; make

them into a stiff paste; then beat in the yolks of twelve eggs, leaving

out five whites; add a pint of good cream; sweeten to your taste, and

put in half a pound of good butter melted. Set it on a slow fire, and

keep it constantly stirring till it is stiff enough. Make it up into the

form of a hedgehog; stick it full of blanched almonds, slit and stuck up

like the bristles; put it in a dish, and make hartshorn jelly, and put

to it, or cold cream, sweetened with a glass of white wine, and the

juice of a Seville orange; plump two currants for the eyes.

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