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(Sauces) - (Many Ways For Cooking Eggs)

Make an English drawn butter, and, just at serving time, add a half
cupful of freshly grated horseradish. If you are obliged to use that
preserved in vinegar, press it perfectly dry before using it.

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Clean three pounds of fresh salmon, bone, salt and let stand several
hours. Place in fish kettle with boiling salt water (one teaspoon of
salt to one quart of water), and let boil one-half hour or until well
cooked. Lift out carefully, place on hot platter and pour over
one-fourth cup of melted butter and sprinkle well with one tablespoon of
parsley. Serve in a separate bowl the following sauce; a large spoonful
with each portion of fish: Peel one-half pound of horseradish root,
grate and mix well with one pint of cream beaten stiff. The fish must
be hot and the sauce cold.

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Grate a good-sized stick of horseradish; take some soup stock and a
tablespoon of fat, salt and pepper to taste, a little grated stale
bread, a few pounded almonds. Let all boil up and then add the meat.

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Heat one tablespoon of fat in a frying-pan, when hot cut up one-quarter
of an onion in it, and fry light brown, then brown one tablespoon
cracker meal or flour and add two tablespoons of grated horseradish;
let this brown a bit, then add some soup stock, one tablespoon of brown
sugar, two cloves, two bay leaves, salt, pepper and two tablespoons of
vinegar. Let cook a few minutes then add one more tablespoon of
horseradish and if necessary a little more sugar or vinegar. Lay the
meat in this sauce and cover on back of stove until ready to serve. If
gas stove is used, place over the simmering flame.

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A sauce to serve with boiled meat was prepared by Aunt Sarah in the
following manner: She put half a cup of milk in a stew-pan, let come
to a boil, added one large tablespoonful of cracker crumbs, 1 large
teaspoonful of butter, 2 large tablespoonfuls of freshly grated
horseradish, seasoned with pepper and salt. Also a pinch of salt,
sugar and pepper added to grated horseradish, then thinned with
vinegar, is an excellent accompaniment to cold meat.

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Cream Horseradish Sauce

Chop fine sufficient celery to make a half pint; season it with a quarter
of a teaspoonful of salt, a teaspoonful of onion juice, a dash of pepper.
Rub the spoon with garlic, mix thoroughly, stir into it the yolk of an egg
that has been beaten light with two tablespoonfuls of cream; add a few
drops of lemon juice or tarragon vinegar and serve.

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Horseradish Sauce

A tea-spoonful of mustard, one table-spoonful of vinegar, three of thick

cream, and a little salt; grate as much horseradish into it as will

make it as thick as onion sauce. A little shalot may be added.

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