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(Sauces For Ice Creams) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

1/2 cupful of rice
1 tablespoonful of gelatin
2/3 cupful of sugar
1 pint of milk
1 pint of cream
1/4 pound of candied cherries
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
Wash and boil the rice in water for twenty minutes, drain, put it in a
double boiler with the milk and sugar; stir until the sugar is dissolved,
cover the kettle and cook slowly for twenty minutes. Press through a sieve,
add the vanilla, and the gelatin covered with cold water. When this is
cold, fold in the cream whipped to a stiff froth; pack and freeze.
I usually freeze this in the ordinary ice cream can; simply remove the
dasher, put in the mixture and pack it to freeze for two or three hours.
While this is ripening, separate the mandarins into carpels. Boil together
for five minutes one pound of sugar, a half pint of water and the juice of
one lemon; take from the fire, add at once the carpels, stir lightly until
they are thoroughly covered with the syrup and stand aside until _very
At serving time, wipe the outside of the freezing can with a warm towel,
turn the mousse into the centre of a round dish, heap the carpels around
the base and over the top in the form of a pyramid, pour over the syrup,
and send at once to the table.
This will serve twelve persons.

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Hot Chocolate Sauce

A favorite hot sauce for puddings, or to be served separately with

vanilla ice-cream, is made by melting one square of unsweetened

chocolate, adding a teaspoonful of butter, one-third of a cup of water,

one cup of sugar, and a few drops of vanilla. Cook for five minutes, and

keep hot until needed. Two tablespoonfuls of cocoa can be used if


My little cooks should now have become experienced enough that if they

saw a recipe they thought they would like in some newspaper or magazine

they could go ahead and try it by themselves. It might be well for

mother to glance it over first and see if it looks all right, and then

if she said "Yes," proceed with it. But whatever they try, they should

remember to be sure they put in every ingredient according to

directions, and then cook to the queen's taste!

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