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How To Make A Small Batter-pudding

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Beat up in a basin an egg with a large table-spoonful of flour, and a

grain of salt; add, by degrees, a tea-cupful of milk, working all

together vigorously; pour this batter into a ready greased inside of a

tea-cup, just large enough to hold it; sprinkle a little flour on the

top, place a small square clean rag on it, and then, with the spread-out

fingers of the right hand, catch up both cloth and tea-cup, holding them

up in order to enable you to gather up the ends of the rag tight in your

left hand, while with a piece of string held in the right hand, you tie

up the pudding securely, and put it on to boil, in boiling water, for a

good half-hour; at the end of this time the pudding will be done, and

should be eaten immediately with sugar, and a few drops of wine, if

allowed and procurable.

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