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How To Use Gelatine

(On Jelly-making.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

There are a few points connected with the use of Gelatine for culinary

purposes which cannot be too strongly impressed upon housekeepers and


1. Gelatine should always be soaked in cold water till it is thoroughly

saturated--say, till it is so soft that it will tear with the

fingers--whether this is specified in the recipe or not.

2. Nelson's Gelatine being cut very fine will soak in about an hour, but

whenever possible it is desirable to give it a longer time. When

convenient, it is a good plan to put Gelatine to soak over-night. It

will then dissolve in liquid below boiling-point.

When jelly has to be cleared with white of egg do not boil it longer

than necessary. Two minutes is quite sufficient to set the egg and

clarify the jelly.

Use as little Gelatine as possible; that is to say, never use more than

will suffice to make a jelly strong enough to retain its form when

turned out of the mould. The prejudice against Gelatine which existed in

former years was doubtless caused by persons unacquainted with its

qualities using too large a quantity, and producing a jelly hard, tough,

and unpalatable, which compared very unfavourably with the delicate

jellies they had been accustomed to make from calves' feet, the delicacy

of which arose from the simple fact that the Gelatine derived from

calves' feet is so weak that it is almost impossible to make the jellies

too strong.

Persons accustomed to use Gelatine will know that its "setting" power is

very much affected by the temperature. In the recipes contained in the

following pages the quantity of Gelatine named is that which experience

has shown to be best suited to the average temperature of this country.

In hot weather and foreign climates a little more Gelatine should be


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