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(Muffins And Biscuits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Clean, pick and wash two cups of huckleberries, then drain them. Beat
yolk of one egg and two tablespoons of sugar until light, add one
tablespoon of milk, then the drained berries. Line one pie-plate with
rich pastry or cookie dough, pour on it the berry mixture, put in the
oven and bake light brown; remove from the oven, spread with a meringue
made of the white of the egg beaten stiff, and two tablespoons of sugar
added. Brown nicely. The white can be beaten with the yolk and sugar, if

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Line a pie-plate with rich pastry. Pick, clean and wash one pint of
huckleberries, drain and lay them thickly on the crust. Sprinkle thickly
with sugar, lightly with cinnamon, and drop bits of butter over the top.

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