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Hung Beef No 3

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the tenderest part of beef, and let it hang in the cellar as long

as you can, taking care that it is not in the least tainted. Take it

down, wash it well in sugar and water. Dry six-pennyworth of saltpetre

and two pounds of bay salt, and pound them fine; mix with it three large

spoonfuls of brown sugar; rub your beef thoroughly with it. Take common

salt, sufficient according to the size of the beef to salt it; let it

lie closely covered up until the salts are entirely dissolved, which

will be in seven or eight days. Turn it every day, the under part

uppermost, and so on for a fortnight; then hang it where it may have a

little warmth of the fire. It may hang in the kitchen a fortnight. When

you use it, boil it in hay and pump water very tender: it will keep

boiled two or three months, rubbing it with a greasy cloth, or putting

it for two or three minutes into boiling water to take off any


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