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Importance Of Peas Beans And Lentils

(Peas, Beans, Lentils, And Maize.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Before giving you receipts for cooking peas, beans, and lentils, I want

to show you how important they are as foods. I have already spoken of

the heat and flesh forming properties of food as the test of its

usefulness; try to understand that a laboring man needs twelve ounces

and a half of heat food, and half an ounce of flesh-food every day to

keep him healthy. One pound, or one and a quarter pints of dried peas,

beans, or lentils, contains nearly six ounces of heat food, and half an

ounce of flesh food; that is, nearly as much heat-food, and more than

twice as much flesh food as wheat. A little fat, salt meat, or suet,

cooked with them, to bring up their amount of heat-food to the right

point, makes either of them the best and most strengthening food a

workingman can have. The only objection to their frequent use is the

fact that their skins are sometimes hard to digest; but if you make them

into soup, or pudding, rubbing them through a sieve after they are

partly cooked, you will be safe from any danger.

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