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India Pickle No 2

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Select the closest and whitest cabbage you can get, take off the outside

leaves, quarter and cut them into thin slices, and lay them upon a

sieve; salt well between each layer of the cabbage, and let it drain

till the next day; then dry it in a cloth, and spread it in dishes

before the fire, or the sun, often turning it till dry. Put it in a

stone jar, with half a pint of white mustard seed, a little mace and

cloves beat to a powder, as much cayenne as will lie on a shilling, a

large head of garlic, and one pennyworth of turmeric in powder. Pour on

it three quarts of vinegar boiling hot; cover it close with a cloth, and

let it stand a fortnight; then turn it all out into a saucepan. Boil it,

turning it often, about eight minutes, and put it up in your jar for

use. It will be ready in a month. If other things are put in, they

should lie in salt three days and then be dried; in this case, it will

be necessary to make the pickle stronger, by adding ginger and

horseradish, and it must be kept longer before used.

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