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Italian Cheese

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

This is prepared by chopping up the whole of the pig's pluck, the

chitterlings, and a couple of pounds of the fat; mix this in a pan with

seasoning composed of chopped sage, thyme, winter savory, allspice,

pepper, and salt, and with it fill earthen pots or jars having lids to

them; bake the contents in moderate heat; or if you have no oven of your

own, send them to the baker's. A jar containing two pounds would require

about an hour and three-quarters' baking. Italian cheese is to be eaten

cold, spread upon bread.

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Italian Cheese

One quart of cream, a pint of white wine, the juice of three lemons, a

little lemon-peel, and sugar to your taste; beat it with a whisk a

quarter of an hour; then pour it on a buttered cloth, over a sieve, to

drain all night, and turn it out just before it is sent to table. Strew

comfits on the top, and garnish as you like.

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