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Italian Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil a pint of cream with half a pint of new milk; when it boils throw

in the peel of an orange and a lemon, with a quarter of a pound of

sugar, and a small pinch of salt. When the cream is impregnated with the

flavour of the fruit, mix and beat it with the yolks of eight eggs; set

it on the fire to be made equally thick; as soon as it is thick enough

for the eggs to be done, put into it an ounce of dissolved isinglass;

drain it well through a sieve: put some of the cream into a small mould,

to see if it is thick enough: if not, add more isinglass. Lay this

preparation in a mould in some salt or ice; when it is quite stiff, and

you wish to send it up, dip a napkin in hot water, and put it round the

mould, which turn upside down in the dish.

Other Recipes

Italian Cream

Take three-quarters of an ounce of Nelson's Patent Gelatine and steep it

in half-a-pint of cold water; boil the rind of a lemon, pared thinly, in

a pint of cream; add the juice of the lemon and three tablespoonfuls of

raspberry or strawberry syrup to the soaked Gelatine; then pour the hot

cream upon the above ingredients, gently stirring the while. Sweeten to

taste, and add a drop or two of prepared cochineal. Whisk till the

mixture is thick, then pour into moulds.

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