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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Boil a chicken in as little water as possible until the meat falls from
the bones, chop rather fine and season with pepper and salt. Put into a
mold a layer of the chopped meat and then a layer of hard-boiled eggs,
cut in slices. Fill the mold with alternate layers of meat and eggs
until nearly full. Boil down the liquor left in the kettle until half
the quantity. While warm, add one-quarter of a cup aspic, pour into the
mold over the meat. Set in a cool place overnight to jelly.

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Boil the fowl until the meat will slip easily from the bones; reduce
the water to one pint. Pick the meat from the bones in good-sized
pieces; leave out all the fat and gristle, and place in a wet mold.
Skim all the fat from the liquor; add one-half box of gelatine, a
little butter, pepper and salt. When the gelatine is dissolved, pour
all over the chicken while hot. Season well. Serve cold, cut in

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Jellied Chicken


Take an old fowl, boil until so tender the bones will leave the meat;

set aside to cool: next day skim off the fat and boil down to one quart,

to this add one ounce of sheet gelatine previously steeped in a little

cold water. Pepper and salt to taste, with a little ground savory. Put

the meat in a pie dish and by degrees add the liquid to avoid having the

meat all in one place. This should turn out well when cold.

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6 Jellied Chicken

Take a fowl, cut it up in joints, and put it in a saucepan with enough

water to cover it, a pinch of mace, a teaspoonful of salt and a little

pepper. Let it stew until the meat will leave the bones. Then take the

meat out, remove the bones and arrange the meat nicely in a mould.

Season the liquor with a little more salt and pepper and dissolve in it

1/4 of an ounce of gelatine. Pour over the chicken. The mould may be

lined with slices of hard boiled egg.

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