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(Fish) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Boil two tablespoonfuls of rice and drain it as dry as possible. Have
ready a cupful of cooked fish of any sort broken into pieces. Mix it
thoroughly with the rice and heat over the fire; season with salt and
pepper. Beat an egg lightly and stir into it. Serve at once.

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Cut up in small pieces about a pound of any kind of cooked fish except
herring. Boil two eggs hard and chop up. Take one cup of rice and boil
in the following manner:--After washing it well and putting it on in
boiling water, with a little salt, let it boil for ten minutes, drain it
almost dry and let it steam with the lid closely shut for ten minutes
longer without stirring. Take a clean pot and put in the fish, eggs,
rice, a good dessertspoon of butter, and pepper and salt to taste. Stir
over the fire until quite hot. Press into a mould and turn it out at
once and serve.

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1/2 lb. Gold Fish--4d.

1/4 lb. Boiled Rice--1d.

2 Hard Boiled Eggs--2d.

1 oz. Butter

Pepper and Salt--1d.

Total Cost--8d.

Time--5 Minutes

Flake up the fish and mix it with the rice; shell the eggs and cut them
in half, put the yolks on one side. Chop the whites and mix them with
the rice and fish; season nicely and put into a saucepan with the
butter, and stir until thoroughly hot. Pile on a dish, and either chop
the yolks and sprinkle them over, or hold a sieve over the kedgeree and
rub them lightly through. Serve hot.

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1 Kedgeree Fish

Take equal parts of cold fish (free from skin and bone) boiled rice and

some hard boiled eggs. Chop the fish and eggs; mix with the rice, add

bits of butter, about a tablespoonful in all, season with salt and

pepper, and a sprinkle of curry powder. Warm in a saucepan and serve as

hot as possible.

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