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(Split Peas Or Dal.) - (The Khaki Kook Book)

First soak a cup of split peas for about three hours. Then put them on

to stew with two whole onions. When about half done add a cup of rice.

The water must be about two inches above the split peas and rice. Cook

until rice and peas are soft and the water is absorbed. Pour over all

some melted butter or crisco. Usually kidgeri is served with poached

eggs. Sometimes eggs are hard-boiled and sliced over the kidgeri after

it is dished.

Other Recipes

Armenian Kidgeri

Soak a cup of split peas for several hours, then fry with two

thinly-sliced onions and a cup of rice. When slightly brown, cover with

water and boil. The water should be three inches above the peas and

rice; also add a little bag of mixed spices. Fry some meat in a separate

pan. It may be either beefsteak, Hamburg, or mutton. When rice and peas

are soft, place a layer of meat in a dish and cover with a layer of the

rice and peas. Repeat until all are used, being careful to have the rice

and peas on top. Steam together and serve with cocoanut and fried onions

sprinkled over the top.

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