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Kidney Pudding

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Prepare an ox kidney as shown in No. 67, and use this to fill a good

sized pudding basin, which you shall have previously lined with a

dripping or suet crust; cover the meat in by placing a rolled-out piece

of the paste on the top, fasten it by pressing the two edges of the

paste together, tie the pudding up in a cloth, and take care to place

the bottom of the pudding-basin downward in the pot in which it is to be

boiled. It will take about two hours to boil a good sized pudding of

this kind; when you take it out of the pot, be very careful not to run

the fork through the crust, and pay great attention how you handle the

pudding while removing the cloth, so as not to spill or waste the gravy

it contains, as that would go very far towards spoiling the pudding you

have had all the trouble to prepare.

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2 lbs. Steak--5d.

2 Kidneys--1 1/2d.

1 lb. Flour--2d.

1/2 lb. Suet

1/2 pint Water

Pepper and Salt--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--10d.

Time--Three Hours

Make a dry crust, by directions given elsewhere, of the flour, suet,
and butter. Rub the pudding basin well with dripping, roll out the
crust, take two-thirds and line the basin, well pressing the crust in.
Slice up the meat and kidney, season with pepper and salt, pile lightly
in the basin, pour in half a gill of water, wet the edge of the crust.
Roll out the piece left, and cover the pudding securely. Dip a cloth in
boiling water, put it over the top, tie it round with string, and pin
or tie the ends of the cloth over the top. Plunge into plenty of
boiling water, and boil for three hours. Take it up, take off the
cloth, turn it out of the basin on to a hot dish, and serve hot.

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10 Beefsteak And Kidney Pudding

Cut 2 lbs. of round steak into small pieces and slice one beef kidney.

Line a deep dish with suet crust, leaving a small piece of crust to

overlap the edge, then cover the bottom with a portion of the steak and

kidney, season with salt and pepper, then add more steak and kidney,

season again. Put in sufficient stock or water to come to within 2

inches of the top of the dish. Moisten the edges of the crust with cold

water, cover the pudding over, press the two crusts together that the

gravy may not escape and turn up the overhanging paste. Steam for 3 or 4


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Kidney Pudding

Cut the kidneys, season, and stew them as above, making

meantime a crust from one pound of flour, two teaspoonfulls of salt,

and one of baking powder, sifted together; mix into these ingredients

four ounces of finely chopped suet, (cost two cents,) make them into a

paste with about one pint of cold water; use part of this to line a deep

pudding dish, into which put the stewed kidneys; cover the dish with the

rest of the paste, and bake it about an hour and a quarter in a regular,

moderately hot oven. The pudding will cost about thirty cents.

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