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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Kohl-rabi is fine flavored and delicate, if cooked when very young and
tender. It should be used when it has a diameter of not more than two or
three inches.
Wash, peel and cut the Kohl-rabi root in dice and cook in salt water
until tender. Cook the greens or tops in another pan of boiling water
until tender, drain and chop very fine in a wooden bowl. Heat butter or
fat, add flour, then the chopped greens, and one cup of liquor the
Kohl-rabi root was cooked in or one cup of soup stock. Add the
Kohl-rabi, cook altogether, and serve.
Use same quantities as for turnips.

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Strip off the young leaves and boil in salt water. Then peel the heads
thickly, cut into round, thin slices, and lay in cold water for an hour.
Put on to boil a breast of mutton or lamb, which has been previously
well salted, and spice with a little ground ginger. When the mutton has
boiled one-half hour add the sliced kohl-rabi, and boil covered. In the
meantime, drain all the water from the leaves, which you have boiled
separately, and chop them, but not too fine, and add them to the mutton.
When done thicken with flour, season with pepper and more salt if
needed. You may omit the leaves if you are not fond of them.

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Shell beans just before using. Rinse in cold water. Put into saucepan;
cover with boiling water and boil until tender. Drain and add salt,
pepper and melted butter.

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