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Koorma Arabian

(Savory Dishes From Other Countri) - (The Khaki Kook Book)

Koorma is usually made from mutton or veal. Mince an onion, a little

green ginger, and a tiny bit of garlic and add to a cup of buttermilk.

Cover a pound of mutton with this and allow to stand for a while. The

mutton may either be fresh or left-over. While the mixture is standing,

fry a minced onion; add to it a little turmeric. Turn the buttermilk

mixture into this. If the meat is uncooked, also add a little water, so

that it may become tender; but this is unnecessary if cold mutton is

used. Simmer slowly together until the meat gets tender and the curds

dry. At the last a little cocoanut may be added, but this is not

necessary. The gravy must be very little and very rich.

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