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(Cakes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Beat the yolks of three eggs until light and creamy, add one-quarter
pound of powdered sugar (sifted) and continue beating; add flavoring to
taste, vanilla, lemon juice, grated rind of lemon or orange. To the
whites of the three eggs add one-half saltspoon of salt and beat until
very stiff. Stir in lightly one-half cup of flour and then fold in the
beaten whites very gently. Press the mixture through a pastry tube on a
baking-tin, covered with paper in portions one-half inch wide by four
inches long, or drop on oblong molds; sift a little powdered sugar on
top of each cake, and bake from ten to fifteen minutes in a moderate
oven. Do not let brown. Remove immediately from pan, brush the flat
surface of one cake with white of egg and press the underside of a
second cake upon the first.

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From MISS ELOISE L. ROMAM, of Maryland, Alternate Lady Manager.
To three-quarters of a pound of butter, well creamed, add one pound of
sugar and three eggs, reserving the white of one; stir in one pound of
flour. Roll out thin and spread on the white of egg; sprinkle with
cinnamon and sugar, and cut in squares. Have a half-pound of blanched
and quartered almonds and place on the squares. Bake quickly.

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